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Get an exceptional personal statement for university with us and improve your chances of winning admission. Our team of writers has helped thousands students with singular personal statements for university for any course anywhere in the world. With 10+ years of hands-on experience, we will empower your university applications with the best personal statement for admission. Reach out to us for getting compelling UCAS personal statements crafted to perfection.

We are proficient in crafting university personal statements relevant to your academic and professional exposure. Our expertise enables us to mind the format, template, and character and word limits of university personal statement. With us, you are guaranteed to get statements that are:

  • Original in Content and Ideas Expressed
  • Tailor-Made to Your Single Application
  • Integrated with Related Industry Exposure
  • Focused on Your Eligibility for Admission

Genuine University Personal Statement Examples

We don’t just provide you with professional help writing a personal statement for university application. A sample statement for university admission can assist you to understand the structure of the content and its flow. However, you need a genuine sample for common app personal statements that you can rely on and there are plenty online

Not all uni personal statement examples are genuine. That is why we offer you the option to download personal statement for university sample (example) PDF on our site. Our samples will empower you to:

  • Focus the statement on proposed program
  • Write engaging introduction that impresses
  • Create unique content for your statement
  • Understand what format fits your needs
  • Come up with an inspiring conclusion
  • Choose the details to include in statement
Download Personal Statement for University Sample (Example) PDF

What Elements Make a Compelling Personal Statement for University?

Even with many examples, you may still face the challenge of writing a personal statement because it is exceedingly vital to your admission. What do you do then? The best path is to hire professionals like us who know how to write personal statements for university admission or business school personal statements.

We have designed a singular list of elements that we add to the statement. The elements make the statement value-adding, insightful, and engaging to anyone reading it, and they include:

  • Your Motivation to Pursue the Chosen Course
  • Essential Professional Experiences in the Field
  • Relevant Academic and Learning Exposures
  • Pertinent Skill Sets You Have in the Field
  • Key Extracurricular Activities and Exploits
  • Your Immediate and Long-Term Career Goals

These details form the very base of every personal statement. We tether each of these elements to make a compelling narrative to impress the committee.

How to Write a Personal Statement for University Admission?

When writing a personal statement for university admission for any course, the first thing is planning your writing. Planning your statement ahead will give you an idea as to how to include each element masterfully in a university personal statement.

As we want to deliver the most comprehensive personal statements for university admission, we have designed a unique process. It helps us take care of everything.

  1. Understanding Your Vision
  2. Creating Content Pyramid
  3. Developing the Content
  4. Evaluation by QA Team
  5. Client Review & Feedback
  6. Final Edit and Delivery

With every project we undertake, this is the standard process. When writing a statement, a guiding process like this is vital as it tells you how to write a university personal statement. Further, we customize them as you need because we know that each client is unique.This approach to go the extra mile and wrap our services around your choices is what made us the best in the field. We happily do that for all our clients.

No matter what your professional or academic backgrounds are, we can do that for you for any university anywhere. The process has helped us write winning personal statements for:

  • Computer Science
  • Social Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance Management
  • Business Management
  • Professional Accounting
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Law and Justice
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Get the Best University Personal Statements from Us

Finding a service provider to write a personal statement for university online is easy. However, getting a reliable provide that can deliver engaging and insightful statement that asserts your eligibility is a whole another story. But the long list of our delighted clients is perfect testimonial to our expertise.

On every project, we work with our clients understanding their experiences, aspirations, and personality. If you wonder what enables us to do that consistently, here is the list of our unique features:

  • Exceedingly individualized personal statements
  • Unmatched quality with smart writing guidelines
  • Insightful statements that are crisp and concise
  • Thoughtful ideas relevant to the chosen course
  • Amicable, professional, reliable customer care
  • Compliant with university statement guidelines
  • On-time delivery of every statement project
  • Uniquely experienced team of graduate writers

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